Testimonials: Doing Well by Doing Good

Long Island Parent

"My son was accepted into all of the colleges he applied to, including his early decision school. This couldn’t have happened without your help. You really helped guide and focus my son through this entire process. You were tremendous counsel." 

Westchester Parent

We cannot use enough words to describe how incredibly helpful, wise, supportive and creative Ron and Jackie were in this process! They really helped our daughter stand out to college admissions officers resulting in her acceptance to several of her reach schools."

Connecticut Parent

“Your help was incredible in keeping my son on deadline with all his applications.  His project pushed him a little beyond his comfort zone.  He seems better prepared for college and I’m proud how he gave back to his community at home.” 

New Jersey Parent

“My son would not have been accepted to his first choice college had you not worked with him. Several of his friends with similar test scores and slightly higher grades were rejected.” 

Connecticut Student

"Thanks for helping me so much in the college process!! I'm so happy with the number and quality of college choices I have!"

Westchester Parent

“There’s no doubt that the community service project our daughter did made a huge difference in her success in the college process. She also grew personally from this challenge and she feels more confident going off to college."