What Colleges Look For


Holistic Admission Review

In most cases, if a student's grades and standardized test scores are above the minimum the college accepts, then the rest of the application is reviewed.  This includes the essay(s), extra curricular activities and letters of recommendation.  Meaningful activities outside of the classroom can provide rich experiences for students to write about in their essay and demonstrate personal growth and insights.  Significant community service projects provide these opportunities.


IMPACT & Doing Good in the Community

College admissions officers want to see the impact a student has made outside of the time he or she is in the classroom.  We work with students to develop service projects that create impact and give back either to their own community or to non-profit organizations that help people on a global scale.


What We Do

We help students distinguish themselves by developing meaningful, service projects that resonate with their own individual interests.  This helps students distinguish themselves and increases their admissions profile in addition to giving back to their community.